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Täglich aktuelle Nachrichten und Informationen aus Thailand und den Nachbarländern. BANGKOK: Seit mehreren Monaten sind tausende Ausländer, die mit einer Thai verheiratet sind, im Ausland gestrandet, nachdem Thailand am März alle. Der TIP ist die älteste deutschsprachige Zeitung Thailands, erscheint jeweils am Monatsanfang und ist als Druckausgabe und PDF‑Datei erhältlich. Der Inhalt ist. Ihre deutschsprachige Zeitung für Thailand. Juli Bangkok - Der TIP​-Bericht (US Trafficking in Persons) hielt Thailand drei Jahre in Folge. Sie werden auf viele Hintergründe über Thailand kennenlernen und mehr über die Kultur erfahren. Die besten Tipps für einen Urlaub in Thailand.

Thailand Tip

Eine Russin wird festgenommen und erst zwei Tage später, gegen Baht Kaution, bis zur Gerichtsverhandlung, wieder auf freien Fuß gesetzt. Thailand TIP​. Täglich aktuelle Nachrichten und Informationen aus Thailand und den Nachbarländern. Thaizeit das Reise- und Lifestyle Portal für Thailand-Fans. Erfahren Sie alles über Wetter | Flüge | Mietwagen | Rundreisen | Hotels Urlaub und Reisetipps.

In salons or spas where there are multiple people providing services, you should tip each person individually. Hotel spas and salons usually add a 10 percent service charge so, as in restaurants, ask first.

Don't forget to tip a tour guide, if you book a private tour in Thailand. How much you leave is up to you, based on service, but 10 percent of the tour price is often used as a good rule of thumb.

Most people round up their taxi fare—so, for a 52 baht fare the driver would get 60 baht—and tip additionally for drivers who help with luggage or bags.

Know a fair rate for your distance and make sure you agree on your taxi fare before you get in the cab. This will help you make sure you don't get taken advantage of.

Count and prepare your money in advance so you can quickly give it to the driver. If the service is not good, it is not expected that you leave a tip.

Ride-sharing apps are available in many parts of Thailand, especially in high tourist areas. While it requires waiting for the car service to arrive at your location, a benefit for the trade-off for not simply flagging down a taxi in the street is that the cost of the ride is clearly defined before the trip.

These prices are around the same perhaps a bit higher than a taxi, but adding a small tip afterward via the app is a nice gesture. Tripsavvy uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience.

By using Tripsavvy, you accept our. They were friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and went out of their way to ensure that we had an amazing time.

If you are unsure about an acceptable tip for tour guides, here is what you can consider offering as gratuity per person :.

Giving gratuities is becoming the new norm in tourist hubs such as Bangkok, Phuket, and Pattaya. You might even be asked politely for a tip in Bangkok.

Although you still do not have to tip in Thailand, you should tip if you can afford to. Most workers work very long hours on low wages.

A small tip can cheer them up. We must have tipped him a lot more than he expected. Here are more things to know before visiting Thailand.

Skip to content. Tipping in Thailand When in Thailand … to tip or not to tip? Thailand Gratuity Guide for Tourists When uncertain about how to act in a new country, travellers observe what locals are doing to get an idea of what is acceptable, and then act accordingly.

This guide is for visitors. How Much to Tip in Thailand? It is also worth keeping in mind that a little money can go a long way in Thailand.

Tip if you can afford to - a little money can go a long way in Thailand. Tipping Porters Porters always expect a tip.

Tipping Tour Guides Towards the end of your tour, at times, your tour guide will give you a sales pitch about how much your gratuity matters.

Also tours offer Golden triangle, which is in fact simply a market of fake brand goods on the border, another waste of time from my point of view.

For this reason I wouldn't take a tour next time, I will go to Chiang Rai by bus, stay locally and explore the area by tuck tuck.

Your right Chiang Mai is fantastic. Nobody yet mentioned Isan region. These places are off the tourist trail so considerably better value and the hidden jewels are fantastic.

Take Phi Mai temple for example. The inspiration for the magnificent Angkor Wat. If you have not been to Angkor Wat this will prepare you.

Also the destination of speed circuit in Buriram. One of the greatest Moto GP tracks in the world. Don't just concentrate on the beach areas get inland and discover Thailand.

If you plan your holiday book with free cancellation so you know you have something booked you can always cancel if you decide to travel to a different destination.

Khaosan Road has loads of travel agents and we tend to stay there to book our coach travel. We booked a lot of things as we went, you can book places to stay the day of.

I also used 12go. We traveled around Thailand for 2. Had a great time. Only thing we booked ahead was an elephant sanctuary, otherwise as we went.

Also check out Klook. You can look at their website or download the app to look up any activities you might want to do.

Some stuff on there is a lot cheaper than other websites. Have fun! Ahoj there is a good and bad side. If you book everything in advance you don't need to care about this during your vacations.

Looking for accommodations can be exhausting. Believe me, we are travelling now since 4 months without having booked a single night.

So we need o to invest some time to find accommodations. The good side is you are very flexible. For 25 day I would book the key points in advance so you can get nice offers or at least some key points.

Like the first 5 night and last 5 days so you are also flexible. The transportation is very easy to organize directly and often cheaper then 12asia.

We never just that.

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Thailand Tip Thaizeit Magazin

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One elephant trek does not even take the seats off the elephants and you will often see the elephants feet chained together- very cruel and distressing for the animal.

Cultural tips for Thailand. Be respectful of their religion, be modest, be ready to take your shoes off to go into temples for example.

Avoid making jokes about the Thai royle family. Do not just watch your manners watch your feet — it is rude to put them up or point them at someone and be particularly respectful of the monks.

If you are female be careful not to brush against their robes, even accidentally. To give you a rough idea of what to take with you when travelling in Thailand, you will need to think about the following:.

Lightweight clothing — it is hot and sunny in a lot of places for most of the year so shorts and t-shirts will be the staple.

Having said that, the north of the country gets a little chilly in the winter and you'd be wise to bring a couple of warm things.

Flips flops or thongs are comfortable, cool and versatile. Travel adapter — if you are taking electrical items with you like a hairdryer or phone charger to Thailand they do not use the same plugs so, you will need an adapter.

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To save money, nerves, and time, you should never agree with having a fixed fare. This way, you will almost always end up paying more than you actually should.

Before getting into the taxi, always tell the driver that you will have the ride only with the meter turned on.

Sometimes they will insist that you should take a fixed fare, but should never agree to it. You could give a separate tip for the taxi driver if he helps you with the bags.

Anywhere between 20 to 40 Baht 0. It is where your negotiation skills will come handy because you will have to negotiate the price before the ride.

Tuk-tuk drivers will always ask large amounts of money for the rides. In my opinion, it is still worth taking a tuk-tuk ride for one time when in Thailand.

There is no need to tip private drivers in Thailand. Private drivers will often drive you from the hotel to the airport or the other way back.

Most hotels will offer to book a private driver, and those will always be fixed fares for the rides no matter where do you want to go.

Hotel to airport Baht. Hotel to pier Baht. And so on. Needless to mention that these fares include a cut for both driver and the hotel.

Occasionally you could feel smoke smell in their cars. Grab drivers do not take cash, and all the purchases are made from within a mobile application.

As for the most ridesharing apps, there is a five-star rating to gratitude the driver for the service. If you believe your Grab driver went above and beyond the expectations, you can give him a tip from within the app as well.

The tip will go to the driver only. Tipping hotel staff in Thailand is customary, and in most cases, the tip should be 20 Baht.

If the bellboy has to help you with several heavy bags, a larger tip would be expected. Tipping more than 50 Baht 1.

Housekeeping employees in Thailand are paid very little. For them, a tip of 1. Depending on the hotel and the quality of service provided, a tip could be either higher or lower.

I remember staying at a hotel in Krabi for one night. On Booking it said that it was a deluxe room. To my surprise, the sheets were ripped, and the place looked far away from deluxe.

Although housekeeping is used to receiving tips, I would never leave a tip in such a place I just described. The best way to tip the housekeeping is either to give a tip directly to them or to leave it somewhere in the room so that it is clear that it is a tip.

It is up to you either to leave a tip for massage in Thailand or not. You are not obligated to tip for the Thai massage but can only assume that no one from us can imagine how tough this job is.

Some of the private tours found on klook. For a Thai to receive Baht in tips would be a fortune. Similar to other services tipping 20 Baht either for a manicure or pedicure in Thailand is a polite minimum.

If you choose to leave a tip for this king of service, 20 Baht will be enough. The prices for manicure or pedicure in Thailand begin at Baht 6.

It is different in touristy destinations and especially in luxury hotels and restaurants. Bellboys, room service, bartenders, and others will often expect a tip.

Otherwise, the tipping culture in Thailand is not that different from elsewhere around the world. This is complete horseshit.

No Thai person would follow the guidelines herein, for any of the services mentioned. You do Asia a tremendous disservice by advocating some sort of western sense of tipping.

You do tourists an equally tremendous disservice. Best domestic travel ticket deals. By Sandis Mukans. Page Contents. Sandis Mukans.

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Über Nachrichten auf Deutsch zum Thema Thailand. Der TIP-Bericht hielt Thailand drei Jahre in Folge auf seiner Tier2-Liste für Menschenhandel, sagte. Aktuelle Nachrichten aus Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Koh Samui & Phangan in den deutschspachigen Medien: Der Farang, Thailand TIP, Wochenblitz Thailand,​. Die TIP Zeitung für Thailand in ihrer jetzigen Form entstand aus Vorläufern seit Damals übernahm der gerade aus Deutschland eingewanderte Rolf Dettmar. Eine Russin wird festgenommen und erst zwei Tage später, gegen Baht Kaution, bis zur Gerichtsverhandlung, wieder auf freien Fuß gesetzt. Thailand TIP​. Thaizeit das Reise- und Lifestyle Portal für Thailand-Fans. Erfahren Sie alles über Wetter | Flüge | Mietwagen | Rundreisen | Hotels Urlaub und Reisetipps. Thailand Tip Thailand plant offene Grenzen für Reisende mit privaten Flugzeugen Freitag, Click Sie fortfahren, Tablet 50EUR Seite zu verwenden, nehmen wir an, dass Sie damit einverstanden sind. Leverkusen kämpft gegen das Verlierer-Image. Thailands Schmuckstücke sind zahlreiche Inseln. Das geht aus einer Corona Virus: Informationen für Thailand! Es versteht sich von allein, dass man dafür Thailand meldet an 38 aufeinander folgenden Tagen keine neuen inländischen Juli in Bangkok geboren.

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They were, professional, knowledgeable, and went out of their way to ensure that we had an amazing time. As for the locals, it is not common for them to leave tips. This article contains discussion by Tripadvisor members concerning the above topic. Do Not Criticize the Monarchy Thai people love the King, and his picture is prominently displayed throughout Thailand. They key overall is to act respectfully. Sandis Mukans.

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